Minigolfanlage Rodenbach


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The miniature golf course is located in the local community of Rodenbach about 10km from Kaiserslautern.
You will find us between the Waldfreibad and the Fürstengrab.
The facility is located at the end of the Sportstraße (about 50 meters below the Waldfreibad).
From here you have to take the footpath in the direction of Fürstengrab, then you will see the minigolf on the right side.


Opening hours:            
We are open daily from Tuesday to Sunday from 2 pm till 7pm.
Mondays are our day of rest (except holidays).




Adults (from 16 years) 3,00€
Children 1,50€



If you have any questions, please call us at 015738326222 (or 06374992444).


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